Stretch Mark

you are beautiful, babe

Stretch marks are beautiful... but it's okay if you don't want them! ⁠

Stretch Mark Removal regenerates your stretch marks with precision and NO pigments. Achieve long lasting results after just one session. ⁠〰 

stretch mark removal

how does it work?

it's not a tattoo, babe


take a shower before the procedure, you won't be able to for 24h. don't be nervous, it's so worthy!

same day

stretch marks will be red in color, swollen and a little sore. apply home care 3x a day

no pigments are used in the procedure. powerful actives are delivered into the stretch mark with precision to stimulate regeneration.

scabs will form on top of stretch marks after 3 to 5 days, looking darker (red or brown) and a bit itchy. do not scratch or pull the scabs or it might damage your healing process. they will fade to your natural skin color from 30 to 45 days…


scabs will fall naturally and skin is fully healed after 45 days. stretch marks appearance can improve up to 80% after just 1 session, depending on your skin health and aftercare.

you can achieve amazing results with 3 to 5 sessions.

stretch mark removal

How long will my results last?

How many sessions do I need?

Who CAN NOT get Stretch Mark Removal?

Does the procedure hurt?

Are there any color changes with time?

Does it work for white / old stretch marks?

I have breast stretch marks, can I get it?

Does it work on my melanin rich skin?

How much does it cost?

It's a little expensive for me...

It can last for a lifetime, depending on your skin, health, habits and how many sessions you get. Some factors may cause stretch marks to slightly appear again such as exposure to sun (tanning) and no proper aftercare.

It depends on how old and deep your stretch marks are and it should be evaluated by the artist on the first session. One session can improve up to 80% of stretch marks appearance but results may vary from each individual. 

If you are under 18, epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding, have been on Accutane or Roacutan for a year, have HIV or Hepatitis or any other infectious or viral diseases, undergoing Chemotherapy,  taking blood clotting / thinning medication or have trouble healing skin, you can not get Stretch Mark Removal procedure.

Absolutely NOT. No pigments are used at all in this procedure. The needle is used only to achieve optimal results right into the stretch mark for biostimulation and regeneration.

It works with stretch marks at any stage (rubrae, albae), but more sessions might be required if your stretch marks are white or too deep. It works wonders post pregnancy!

Of course, I personally got it and it was great. It might be a little uncomfortable if you are very sensitive to pain. The procedure can be done is any area of your body. 

Absolutely! The procedure can be done on any skin phototype. After the first session, the artist will be able to evaluate how many sessions will be needed to achieve great results.

Price is calculated on a 15x15cm basis and is calculated after evaluation. You can send me a picture of the area you want to treat and I would gladly reply with a quote and booking information. 

I totally respect it and could offer payment options, if you need. However, this is a treatment with long lasting results that DOES NOT requires regular retouch nor any type of maintenance. I truly believe it's worth the investment.

It can be slightly uncomfortable, depending on the body area to be treated, but completely tolerable. The procedure lasts about 1h and numbing CAN NOT be used. Treated area might get swollen and feel a bit sore right after. If you own any body tattoos, you will be fine!

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